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Patent and Legal services

We bring together the best experts to deliver the highest-quality work securing your intellectual property, patents and trademarks.

We think forward to defend your rights through the intellectual property life cycle.

We work hard to protect your assets, so you can move forward safely.

Let's shape together the future of your business!
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Our advantages
Extensive international relations
Our experts enjoy international reputation. They save clients' money and time by accessing directly the international patenting bodies.
The current Russian legislation on intellectual property has been drafted by our experts
Not only we perfectly know the legislation on intellectual property, but also we are able to explain you why and how the legislation evolved up to nowadays.
Therefore we foresee in what direction the legislation on intellectual property will develop.
A highly customized approach to every client
Our foremost task is to reveal our client's needs. Only then we can provide advice in registering a trademark, obtaining a patent or other exclusive rights.

We do not impose a single solution, but rather we expose a number of options involving different opportunities and risks. For instance, we may discuss how fast you can achieve your goals, whether you should be attacking or defensive, whether you should initiate a lawsuit or negotiate a compromise.
In any case, the final decision is made by solely you yourself.
We are happy to assist all kinds of businesses
We treat the individual entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses as well as large corporations with equal care and concern.

If you are about to start your business and probably have never assessed your intellectual property rights, we will help to build a reliable base for the start.

If you stand firmly on your feet, we advise how to make the most of your intellectual property.

If you need to make sure that intellectual property is respected by the business community, we know how to efficiently enforce your rights.
We provide advice and legal support throughout the entire lifespan of your intellectual property
We always keep an eye on the big picture to help you to grasp the full potential value of your intellectual property and to delineate all the possible ways of its commercial use in the future.
Our team
We strongly believe in teamwork. Our clients are advised by highly qualified experts in intellectual property.
Другие участники команды
Provisional Patent
We will protect your idea and assign to you the priority of authorship before you receive a patent for an invention, utility model or industrial design.
Professional support
If you are in conflict with competitors or former business partners for patent or trademark rights, the outcome often depends on the chosen line of defense or attack. Let's work together out a sound action plan to strengthen your position and weaken the rival.
Even in a very difficult situation, it is possible to get out with a minimal damage. Our mediators in the field of intellectual property help the conflicting parties to find mutually acceptable solutions in a short time.
Initial Coin Offering
Funding a new project may be a daunting task. Together with our experts, not only you will successfully raise money by using ICO, but you will also make your project to be known internationally.
IP strategy advice
We are professional in valuation of intellectual property and trademarks. Taking into account the specific features of your business, our specialists will develop for you an action plan to increase the value of your intangible assets in a very short time.
Valuation of intellectual property by using our proprietary methodology (the Simonov's system)
We fine-tuned methods of valuating innovative projects and start-ups based on decades of experience in commercializing the IP rights. We provide comprehensive assessment of intellectual property to establish its fair value for both the owner and the future investor.
Registration of the intellectual property for a sale
If you refer to focus on scientific research rather than on business, our specialists will help you to accurately register your IP rights and find a future buyer, so you could get the maximum out of selling your intellectual property.
We know how to make your patent/trademark stronger
  • Advising on patentability
  • Professional Patent searches
  • Drawing an application for an invention, utility model, industrial design
  • Representation before Rospatent and the Chamber of Patent Disputes
  • Obtaining a patent
  • Maintaining of the patent in force
  • Due diligence for M&A, sales or purchases
  • Enforcement and defense
Trademark services
We know the current practice of Rospatent
  • Advising on requirements for your trademark
  • Professional searches (availability and infringement searches)
  • Drafting an application for trademark/ appellation of origin registration
  • Representation before Rospatent and the Chamber of the Patent Disputes
  • Obtaining a certificate of registration
  • Maintenance and renewals
  • Removal or previous cessation of the trademark/ appellation of origin
  • Recognition of a well-known trademark
  • Optimization of trademark/ appellation of origin registration process
  • Due diligence for M&A, sales or purchases
  • Enforcement and defense
Copyright registration
We use modern information technologies
  • Advising on copyright protection
  • Registration of computer programs and databases
  • Author's contract
  • Enforcement and defense
Disputes with authorities: Rospatent, the Federal Antimonopoly Service
  • Representation of your interests in the national patent offices of the Russian Federation - Patent Disputes Chamber of the Russian Agency for Patents and Trademarks and the Federal Institute of Industrial Property.
  • Representation of your interests in interactions with the State Antimonopoly Service of Russian Federation with regard to unfair competition
Arbitration disputes, disputes before the Intellectual Property Court
Effective resolution of disputes
  • Best practices in Litigation
  • Representation before a court of law
  • Assistance in gathering of evidence
  • Mediation
Disposition of rights
We know how to efficiently use intellectual property
  • License agreement
  • Exclusive Right Alienation Contract (Assignment)
  • Franchising agreement (commercial concession)
  • Registration of contracts with Rospatent
Information Technology
Vast experience in accompanying Internet projects
  • Terms&Conditions for the users
  • Privacy Policy
  • Public Offer
  • Disclaimers and other documentation to start an Internet site
  • Sales/purchases of Internet sites
  • Internet related disputes
  • Domain disputes
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